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Arashi.. The ones that taught me..

Hihi~ Our miracle boys are having their 15th Anniversary soon!!

They have taught me so much just by being on the other side of the plasma screen and in writing..

Just some words to commemorate this feelings that I am having at this early hour..

Ohno Satoshi.. The one who taught me that people would understand and appreciate your efforts even if you did not display them for all to see..

Sakurai Sho.. The one that taught me failing in what others excel in is not the end of the world..

Aiba Masaki.. The one that taught me to smile so that good things would happen, instead of waiting for good things to happen..

Ninomiya Kazunari.. The one who taught me that there is nothing too expensive for the people you love..

Matsumoto Jun.. The one who taught me that the dreadful periods of awkwardness would pass with time and you would emerge graceful as a swan..

Arashi.. The ones who taught me what is team work..

Arashi.. The ones taught me that perserverance pays off, no matter how long it takes..

Arashi.. The ones who taught me how to love others unconditionally..

Happy 15th Anniversary♡♥♡♥♡


Today marks the best day of my life so far!
Being able to sit in that theatre and watch a live screening of Arashi's event is a dream come true!

Especially this being a public event and all..
Really a huge load of appreciation for the people who made this possible!! Thank you so much!!!

It all began..Collapse )

Have a great week ahead! I think I would!

Tokyo 2014

It's been almost 3 months since my last post..
Such a long break in between again.. Even though I made a promise to myself to write at least an entry per month..
Been busy with the final clinical practicums and stuffs..

Went for a trip to Japan with mummy from 19th to 27th April.
We went to all the places that I had been to in 2012 Dec, without going to Kyoto and Johnny's shop this time.
However, we went to Osaka for 2 nights and mum met up with her secondary school friend who had moved over since 20 over years ago.
With each meeting with her friend, we ate and ate..
The first day in Japan, as we stayed in Shibuya, of course we went for shopping and looking around the busy youngsters street^^ And we saw a huge Shinigami poster opposite Hachiko~
The 2nd day we went for buffet at Hapuna Prince hotel with mummy's friend..
And ate so much crabs!!
Then we went for a walk around the area..
The sakura trees were lovely!! Even though there were not too much of them left.. XD
Then we went to Yokohama, where there was some flower planting competition and exhibition, which were really lovely!
The 3rd day saw us on the Shinkansen on our way to Osaka..
Had lunch then made our way for sightseeing in the Namba area where we had to walk and walk and walk.. Ahahahaa..
Saw the giant moving crab and of course the glico man and... A giant Nino salon pas poster~
On the 4th day, we searched for the Shi tennoji~
Seems like the tennoji was quite a feat even for the locals to find.. We were approached by 2 groups of Japanese asking for instructions to the temple...
Then we made our way to the Osaka castle.. The garden area was huge!!
After that of course we had to go to the Kaiyukan~~
Lovely aquarium!!
The next day, the 5th day, we went back to Tokyo and stayed in Asakusa this time..
We made our way to the Meiji jingu and Harajuku which we did not manage to go on the first 2 days..
Bought a Rilakkuma from the huge toy store ^^
This night we went to the rooftop of our hotel which has a open air lounge with a great view of the night lights and the skytree.
The next day, day 6 saw us in Tokyo Disney Sea!!
Why Sea and not land?
Because, I wanted to get Duffy and Shellie May^^
After Disney Sea, we made our way to Ueno park and Ameyoko street!!
Only after that did we go to Asakusa Kamnarimon and Sensoji temple.
Day 7, we went to Tsukiji Fish Market~~
The seafood there is wonderful!!
In the afternoon, we made our way to... Odaiba~~
Fuji Tv and Arashi~ Hahaa.. But it was not a filming day for them..
I went up the ferris wheel alone as mummy has the same phobia as Mr Caster Sho, height phobia..
And.. Of course I chose the full transparent car to sit in~
That night we went up the skytree~
As the night was not too clear, we did not go up to the highest observatory..
On day 8, we went to Shinjuku, bought lots of magazines from Kinokuniya~
I even indulged in an Arashi Anniversary book XD
Then we made our way to the Shinjuku national park and sat under some trees and people watched.
There were so many families there with their children playing in the park.
That night, we met up ith mummy's friend again, and we had sushi at a sushi-ya where everyone was sitting around the counter and drinking sake..
Mummy's friend ordered abalone and guess what? The live version arrived and we were supposed to do the grilling ourselves!!
As mum's friend and her did not take much raw seafood, I was left to clear the dishes.. Of course I was glad to do that!! However, I was also made to grill the abalone.. (T.T)
And so I did it with the ojisans and salaryman looking at me do this cruel thing..
Later in the evening, she brought us to a 100+ year old shop which sells tempura..
As I was so full with the sushi and sashimi, there was no way I could finish a don!!
However, mum's friend insisted that we all have a don each..
I have never felt so bloated in my whole life before..
And mum's friend brought a huge bag of things for us to bring back.. Thus had to repack our luggage..
The next day, we had to make our way back to Singapore.. =(

Family trip to Malacca on 4th to 6th May.
However, in the end brother was unable to make it, so got mummy's sister to join us..

Further studies

Today's the,last day of academic studies in schoo..
It's almost the end of this 2 year full time course for Masters degree..

Time flies..

Soon, its back to work and the peopke that we'll be working together with for long years..
But first, having to clear the clinical aspects and of course going for the exit interviews and exams..

Having mixed feelings..

Happy to finish school but also apprehensive about going back to work..

Hope all goes well~~

Now i understand..


I'm back~~
It has been almost 3 months!
OMG.. That was long...

What I have been up to...Collapse )

Long time no see~~

I do realize that it's been a while since i last updated..
Well.. About a month plus?
I have finished my exams for the 2nd semester and now having clinical practicum..
It is tiring to stand around for 8 hours everyday..
I have totally forgotten how bad it was.. Haha..
Compared to walking around and doing work, it is really bad..
This time round is being attached to cardio, respi and gastro..
A total of 8 weeks..
Hope I survive and pass this practicum..
And also my exams!!

Take care minna!!

i'm weird still..

I think i did one of these a long time ago..

So, kawaiimontie, your LiveJournal reveals…

You are… 100% unique (blame, for example, your interest in 嵐,飞轮海,潘玮柏,crochet), 0% peculiar, 0% interesting, 0% normal and 0% herdlike. When it comes to friends you are popular. In terms of the way you relate to people, you are keen to please. Your writing style (based on a recent public entry) is overcomplicated.

Your overall weirdness is: 113

(The average level of weirdness is: 28.
You are weirder than 99% of other LJers.)

Find out what your weirdness level is!

I am weird!!


I am sick!
Sick of studying and doing assignments!!
So i decided to spam my fb friends..
By uploading tonnes of photos~
Have a look if you are interested!